Direct links with China mean very competitive prices!

2ft retrofit tubes (for existing 600x600mm panel fitting) 9watt@ £11.12
5ft T8 tubes, plug and play for magnetic ballast version, 22watt @ £16.40;
30watt @ £17.22

6ft T8 tubes, plug and play for magnetic ballast version 30watt @ £24.30.

Or, a completely new 600×600 fitting (replacing x4 tubes), 36watts@ £48.60 and 48watt @ £55.92

New Round Panels 12watt @ £24.81; 15watt @ £29.69 and 22watt@£35.23

High Bays from £107.17

Floods starting at 150watt = to 400watt MH – £217.71

Please call to discuss tailor-made projects; lights for other applications , trade prices or volume discounts

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Acenta Steel gives us testimonial

‘After a long and sometimes frustrating search to find a lighting solution for our warehouse, Nulux came up with a very satisfactory proposal. From our very first meeting it was obvious the team were knowledgeable and very keen but never pushy. The lighting units turned up when promised and the installation went off without a hitch. As for the savings, well they have been better than expected and the lighting quality in the warehouse is 100% better, literally. I would recommend using Nulux to anyone.’


John Garrett
Maintenance – Acenta Steel Distribution
Acenta Steel Limited


Have you recognised that your old T8 tubes need replacing, but are worried about the expense of new fittings? We have the best cost effective solution.
A state of the art, brand new, plug and play system, our LED T8 tube replacement can be installed in seconds with absolutely no re-wiring – it really couldn’t be easier.
If the fittings are not suffering brittle-ness or fatigue, this solution gives your fittings a new lease of life and some great light, at whatever colour temperature you desire!
These tubes are robust and run with electronic or magnetic ballast… or no ballast at all!
They come in pretty much all sizes, starting at 2ft, and going up to 8ft.
Very competitively priced, as an example, a 4ft tube is £26.95 and a 5ft tube is £35.00

Welcome to Nulux LED Lighting

 Nulux Technologies can give you: savings, a reduced carbon footprint, great Return on Investment & state of the art products!

Nulux Technologies sells LEDs and as a solution provider advises on the best products to achieve significant savings whilst reducing maintenance costs and cutting carbon emissions.

We can provide unique options for finance and also the services needed to make the transition to LEDs.  Nulux Technologies have the the contacts and experience to work with the best LED manufacturers and designers in the field to give you what you need.

We focus our energies on using only the latest in LED technology, cutting edge reflective technology and intelligent use of wavelength to produce lights which out-perform most other LEDs in the market.

Constructed to direct light where it is needed, our LEDs reduce wasted light and light pollution. Using a range of different wavelengths, we are able to produce LEDs that can be used in hospitals, science laboratories, and cosmetic clinics to disinfect against bacteria and viruses.

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