About Nulux Technologies

Nulux Technologies Ltd., is a young company with years of collective experience in project lighting, property and publicity. We have strenuously searched and sourced manufacturers and products to m,ake sure we supply the right quality product for each and every application.

As a company, we are client orientated and solution driven integrating the latest technology in a seamless and cohesive manner. This way Returns on Investments can be maximised; energy can be massively reduced, whilst the quality of light can be improved immeasurably.

In addition, Nulux Technologies Ltd., as an innovation company has embraced other areas of complementary technologies. We enjoy partnerships and are always open to working with companies where synergy exists.

Gillian Larner – Partner, Managing Director

Gillian Larner

Setting up Nulux Technologies Ltd., was the perfect, natural next step for Gillian after returning from Italy where she worked as part of a team building up two significant businesses from scratch.  Enthusiasm, hard work and a strong belief in good business ethics are the foundation of Gillian’s ideal business strategy.

Building on this experience, has helped her develop a desire to weave strong business practice with design. The practicalities of lighting the work place in the most efficient and desirable way, have become the mantra, not forgetting the need to contain costs, so that all can afford to make the change to a greener alternative.

Peter Aengenheister – Partner, Sales and Marketing

Peter Agenhesiter

Peter is a co-founder of Nulux Technologies Ltd. and its previous operation in LED Research, Development and Marketing.

Peter’s background is journalism, spanning 36 years. He was editor of two midland newspapers over 23 years, and his experience also covered regional dailies, radio and television.

An expert in page design he has produced magazines and books, a documentary for the BBC and was a senior manager for Johnston Press, the UK’s third largest regional newspaper group. With his team he orchestrated business awards in Rugby over 10 years with leading speakers including former Chancellor, Nigel Lawson, Enoch Powell, Neil and Christine Hamilton Jackie Charlton and Geoff Hurst, Henry Cooper and many others.

Paul Marshall – Senior Account Manager

Paul has a lifetime of experience in selling with top name corporate companies.With an engineering background and unequalled attention to detail Paul brings strength in depth to our project development team.