Plug And Play Fluorescent LED tube replacement.

Here we present our new LED tube replacement device. Totally efficient, completely reliable and fast and easy to fit.

This product does not require the intervention of an electrician, as it works faultlessly with “old fashioned” wire-wound ballasts, or modern electronic converters.

Simply remove the old dead tube and replace with our new Plug and Play unit.

This LED tube replacement is available in lengths from three feet to eight feet, and  five color temperatures 2700k, 3000k,3500k,4000k,5000k,and 6000k

The LED tube even looks like a fluorescent! Uses a third of the power of a fluorescent,

Lasts three times longer than a fluorescent, has a return on investment of approx 14 months

and creates half of the waste heat of a fluorescent.

Just as importantly, it focusses light where it needs to be, thus cutting glare and improving concentration.