Acenta picWith in-house lighting consultants and engineers, Nulux Technologies offers friendly advice.  Whilst, also, offering a direct bespoke service for all clients wanting to embrace this form of lighting.  Thus, allowing them to create the best possible effect in their shops, restaurants, warehouses or externally in car parks, or security lights.

LED lighting has changed the way we illuminate our surroundings. We can work together with you to design the ideal lighting systems for your requirements.

Our design team is available to talk you through a wide array of LED lighting options:

  • Call us on 07973 984967
  • Email us at
  • Visit our office at 16/17 Church Street, Rugby, CV21 3PB
  • Video conferencing is available
  • Or request a personal visit by one of our experienced staff

After significant research into the way light affects us, greater consideration is being given to ensure the light we create is beneficial and can be used in the following ways to:

  • enhance our ability to concentrate for longer
  • enhance and highlight products in the retail environments
  • reduce energy consumption and a reduced carbon footprint
  • introduce bacterial control systems
  • introduce intelligent control systems for maximum efficiency

Our advisory services are designed to assist you in navigating the various options available and cover all aspects of the design process.  Whether ‘off the shelf products’ are chosen or a bespoke system is created, our prices accommodate all budgets.

Bespoke doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive, the savings you achieve will most certainly outweigh the investment made.

In brief:

  • we will work with you to create lighting effects to enhance your products, your working environment and light quality
  • save you money on your current lighting expenditure
  • reduce your CO2 emissions
  • we will introduce to you (where appropriate) PRI and control systems for greater efficiency
  • we will design lights for you and your specific needs